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ENB Port Services Ltd. considers Safety and Environmental Protection as key areas of the highest importance which need to be managed effectively to prevent damage and loss of life, property and environmental degradation.

Since the Company has realized that an effective Safety and Environmental Protection Program makes for a more profitable operation, ensuring the welfare of all involved in the business, it has to be Management - centred. In line with this, the Management is committed to making all personnel more safety conscious, encouraging all to become actively involved in finding possible hazards, applying corrective actions and monitoring all aspects of their workplace to have safer and environmentally sound conditions.

Accidents are indications of a poor operating system. Because of that, the Company is committed to investigate all accidents and the results of such investigations and the corrections applied will be notified to all concerned so they may learn from the incident.

Learning is an endless journey to excellence. For that reason, effective training is fundamental to the Company's business and its safety culture. As our standards improve, new goals and targets are set for all personnel to attain.


Our Stevedoring Division has significant expertise, and is operated by a professional, dedicated and experienced workforce, coupled with specialized.