Stevedoring & Warehousing Properties


Our Stevedoring Operations is one of our key services. We have significant expertise, and is operated by a professional, dedicated and experienced workforce, aided with specialized equipment and lifting gear for efficient and safe vessel operations with the highest standard of cargo care.

There has been no major operational accident or incident in the last 5 + years. We are ENB’s and the New Guinea Islands’ longest serving stevedoring provider of cargo handling services for overseas and coastal sea freight for both import and export cargoes.

Our wealth of experience is second to none in the stevedoring of containers, motor vehicles, breakbulk, commodity exports such as cocoa, copra, coffee & balsa including mining project heavy machinery.

This service is ably and reliably backed up by a modern fleet of stevedoring equipment and we are now planning on acquiring new equipment to re-fleet/re-equip this key service of our business.

To assist customers in obtaining their shipped cargo in a timely manner; we can liaise with our modern and reliable Road Transport Fleet for a fast and reliable delivery service to deliver products/cargoes direct from wharf to our valued customers. We are also regarded as a job provider for the majority of villagers surrounding the Port and outskirts of Rabaul Port by engaging them in skilled stevedoring jobs. We have been providing this core service for the last 100 years and therefore we are second to none when it comes to Experience & Expertise.

DAWAPIA Warehouse

We also offer warehousing and office space in Rabaul. Our current tenants are; Outspan (PNG) Limited, JT Tyre, RD Tuna and Coconut Resources Limited (KIK). Within the Property there is a concrete area convenient for container storage.

Our Transport business has evolved from the early days of Dawapia Plant & Haulage in the 1980s to ENB Port Services Limited today. In those early 80s; the business arm of the East New Britain Provincial Government was the sole contractor to Downer Kier carting all construction materials and machinery for the PNG Power (formerly ELCOM) Hydro construction at Warangoi, Sinivit LLG, East New Britain.


All ageing haulage trucks and equipment were gradually retired which paved the way for a new modern fleet of side-lifters and semi-trailers. Our customer service is our core goal with a very big presence at the main wharf and around Rabaul & Kokopo metropolitan areas.

Our Road Transport service capabilities includes the use of 32 – 48 metric tonnes forklifts plus others ranging from 2.5 – 16 metric tonnes supported by 20ft and 40ft container side-lifters. Apart from these side lifters we have 20ft and 40ft trailers and prime mover combinations as well as low loaders etc.

We have dedicated transport services exclusively carrying out wharf to customer and customer to wharf movements. To assist customers in obtaining their shipped cargo in a timely manner, ENBPS can offer a tailor made delivery service to deliver products direct from wharf to the customer.

Dawapia Shipping

Coastal Shipping & Charters

Our barging business commenced eleven (11) years ago and has proven to be fairly successful giving rise to an increase in our fleet. Our core business in this area of our business is long & short “CHARTERING” to the Gas, Oil & Mining clients.

ENBPS trading as Dawapia Shipping Limited is well capitalized and currently owns and operates two (2) conventional vessel Landing craft vessels LCT “Warangoi” and LCT “Toriu” under IACS RINA Classification Society. We also operate a 14.9m catamaran “ST. George” under PNG Class. We commenced operating under our own management on April 2011. The LCT “Toriu” was purchased in Abu Dhabi and LCT “Warangoi” from Dubai. There after we ordered a new build LCT “Rabaul” from Sebu Malaysia which was delivered on December 2012, and then the “St. George” 14.9m catamaran from Sydney Australia delivered under her own power via Sydney/Gold Coast/Cairns/Alotau to Rabaul East New Britain Province on July 2014, with all vessels registered under PNG flag. Unfortunately, the previous management decided to sell the LCT Rabaul and it was sold to RAMS in January 2018.

ENBPS issued with company Document of Compliance (DOC) under the provision of International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974, as amended under the authority of the Government of Papua New Guinea by National Maritime Safety Authority. A document that’s required by International regulations to ensure that the company can safely operates the ships


Kind of Vessel: Landing Craft GRT 
Reg. Dimensions: 876.00 GRT 
 : 64.64 x 13.6 x 3.68 m 
Fuel: Diesel 
Main Engine: x 2 YANMAR 
CLASS: RINA ‐ Registro Italiano Navale 


Kind of Vessel: Landing Craft GRT: 1000 GRT
Reg. Dimensions: 58.00 x 14.00 x 3.26 m 


Our boat is used for trips to the Simpson Harbor, Duke of York Island for half day or full day. We can also offer day trips to West Coast New Ireland, North Coast ENB to Cape Lambert, South Coast ENB to Tol, as well as extended overnight trips to destinations such as Kavieng, Jaul Island, Pomio, Uvol, Talele Islands, Pondo, and even as far as Bialla and Kimbe. You can book our boat for as long as you like, and we’ll assist you with provisioning etc., if required. We have two fully qualified PNG crew to handle the vessel and look after all equipment etc.

Pricing for these extended trips are supplied on request and depend on distance, time, catering requirements, etc. but we can adjust everything to suit your requirements. We have game fishing rods/reels on board and top of the range dive compressor to suit scuba diving needs.

Ship Management

Company DPA –Ships Management.


ENBPS employed a Filipino expatriate, Mr. Raul Pelagio as Marine Safety Manager and was designated as company DPA. He has eleven (11) years’ experience as Marine Cargo, Hull Surveyor and P & I Club surveyor. Ten (10) years’ experience as Quality Safety Assurance Officer in one of the largest shipping company in Philippines that operates a fleet of 28 roro passenger/cargo, passenger cargo, and container cargo ships and has a seventeen (17) years’ overseas experience as Ship Superintendent, Marine Safety Manager, CSO, and DPA.

Ship Management & Operations Contract

Technical Consultant

ENBPS has as Filipino expatriate Technical consultant Engineer. Rizalito S. Lanoy is a naval architect by profession with over 45 years of exposure and experience in;
• Ship Design and Construction
• Shipyard and dry dock works, Management, and Commercial, is a qualified dock master
• Merchant Ship Maintenance and Fleet Management
• Civil Construction including bridges, industrial plants, bulk tank depots, pipe lines
• Commercial Fishing Fleet Engineering and Management

Madang Slipway Operations

Slipway & Dry-docking

We have recently added the slipway & engineering workshop properties which consists of office, engineering workshop, slipway max 45m vessel, small engine rebuild warehouse and open laydown yard area.

There are also several small lay-up wooden jetties and a concrete barge ramp.

These facilities are for all coastal ship owners to use as their vessel repair base where “planned maintenance” , including dry docking can be carried out, as well as short/long term engine rebuilds etc. can be conducted

Engineering Workshop in Madang


  1. Dry docking of vessels up to 45M LOA
  2. Afloat repairs of vessels up to 100M LOA
  3. Full Engineering Machine Shop Capability
  4. Sandblasting & Painting, Pipe work, Structural Fabrication & Engine Rebuilding
  5. UTG gauging – hull thickness
  6. Vessel conversions & New Ship Construction


  1. Various Lathe machines
  2. Milling Machine
  3. Yard Cranes & Forklift
  4. Sandblasting Machine
  5. Hull Painting & Water Blaster
  6. Various Welding (incl. MIG), Oxy/Acetylene